$0 Buyers Transaction Fee

ASK YOUR AGENT ABOUT THEIR REAL ESTATE PROCESSING FEE before you engage the agent to act as your representative in a sale.

As a buyer, why would you pay a transaction fee to an agent who is already receiving a commission?

In the past O’Connor Realty charged a transaction fee of $100 (which is among the lowest in our market). The purpose of the fee was to offset the cost of administration, document handling and closing title preparation. Within in the past few months we have really started looking at our fee compared to other offices and how we compare. In our local market we see this charge from $195 -$495 per transaction. It is shocking to see how much other companies are charging, isn’t your commission enough?

O’Connor Realty NO longer charges this processing fee, there are enough expenses within the transaction of buying or selling a home.  O’Connor Realty believes in doing what is best for our clients, and saving them money is one example.

So next time you are thinking of buying a home, or if you are in the current market; ask your agent, “What is your transaction fee”?

Do you homework, you will be surprised.